We get asked all the time “Is hemp oil legal?” (a similar question we get asked is “is CBD legal?”)

The answer to both is a resounding “Yes, indeed it is – in all 50 states no less”.

As we explored in our last blog, hemp / CBD are vastly different than what is commonly known as Marijuana. And it’s not just different on a molecular level – while Marijuana remains illegal in many states, hemp and its oils / compounds are not. Nor should they be.

The legal question stems from popular culture, which has that five-leaf plant deemed as “illegal”. But no, hemp oil is not illegal. CBD isn’t either. So let’s be definitive:

Is hemp oil legal to buy? Yes, hemp oil is legal to buy.

Is hemp oil legal to mail? Yes, hemp oil is legal to mail.

Is hemp oil legal to use? Yes, hemp oil is legal to use.


Now, like just about any other similar product, you do need to be 18 to buy and use hemp oil. But that’s common with things like vape oil, many supplements, and similar. Kids shouldn’t be using any of those things anyway.

So you can order your hemp oil products, vapes, supplements, and more, and there’s nothing underground or illegal about it. And this is true across all 50 states – you need not worry about what state you live in or similar. It’s no different than ordering vitamins or an herbal supplement from an online vitamin store.

So now the question is answered – yes, hemp, hemp oil, and CBD are legal in all 50 states. So stop worrying and jump on the CBD bandwagon – we promise you’ll love it!