What is the difference between Hemp and Pot? Or THC and CBD?

We get asked this all the time. And to be honest, it’s something that everyone, even people in this industry, has trouble answering. It’s not that the answer is complicated – it’s that the preconceived notions and beliefs get in the way.

Let’s clear one thing up: Hemp and “Pot” are technically the same thing. The difference is the perception.

Here’s what we mean by that – show someone a hemp plant (the five-pointed “pot leaf”), and they immediately think of “getting high”. And yea, that’s a thing. But it’s not the only thing, and it’s not even exclusive. There are plenty of hemp plants that look the same, but wouldn’t get you high if you smoked the entire field (not recommended, by the way).

The part of a hemp plant that gets you high is THC. But it’s only one of 80+ compounds in the plant (these compounds are all called cannabinoids, by the way). CBD is another of these cannabinoids. It doesn’t get as much press, because CBD does NOT get you “high”. But it does appear to have significant medical benefits, as well as being a mild relaxant. That’s the stuff we sell, and it’s legal everywhere.

Now, as to the perceptions, because it gets people “high”, THC-rich plants are easily the dominant strain, and popular culture has depicted it this way. But you can grow a Hemp plant with minute traces of THC, and copious amounts of CBD.

Let’s equate this to corn – you can grow “regular” corn that humans eat, and you can grow feed corn for cows and other livestock. Feed corn tastes awful to humans. But if you looked at them (especially from the outside), they look almost identical. Same plant, two completely different uses.

Does that clear it up a little?

Hemp = Pot. Pot = Hemp. But THC does not = CBD. There’s your difference.