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What is CBD?

About Hemp, CBD, and Our Products

What is CBD? Most people don’t know this, but Hemp and Marijuana are two different things. Yes, they are related (both being forms of Cannabis), but Hemp has a far lower concentration of THC – generally less than 1%. THC is what gets users “high”. Hence, you could use Hemp all day long and never get an actual buzz.

Instead, Hemp has high concentrations of Cannabidiol (CBD), which is a naturally occurring Phytocannabinoid in Cannabis plants, and is thought to have a marked medicinal value. People have used Hemp for years to treat pain, anxiety, sleeplessness, epilepsy, and more. Queen Victoria used it for menstrual cramps, and reported great success.

Unlike its marijuana cousin, Hemp is 100% legal. The United States Government has even filed for patents in regards to Hemp (technically worded as “Cannabinoids as Antioxidants and Neuroprotectants”).

Our products go through a stringent process to ensure they are safe. They are the finest available, made in the USA (Michigan, to be precise) in an FDA-regulated lab. They are also guaranteed to have the advertised amounts of CBD. This is an important distinction, because CBD is the reason you are buying these products in the first place, and most of the “hemp” products you see in your local health food store have nary a trace of CBD.

Nature’s Serenity is proud to offer you the best of the best, and it is our pleasure to serve you.