About Nature's Serenity

About Nature’s Serenity

Nature’s Serenity

Nature’s Serenity, it’s the classic story of “I loved the product, now I want to introduce it to others”. Several years ago, Nature’s Serenity founder Cynthia Buder was looking for a natural way to help with her anxiety and sleeplessness. The usual natural remedies (like melatonin) didn’t work for her. Frustrated, she read about Hemp and CBD one night. She was a little skeptical, and even a little nervous, as (in her own words) “didn’t hemp mean pot?”

But she researched further, and found that it was not only legal, but could possibly help her. She tried it, and… well, let’s let her tell the story of why Natures’s Serenity was founded:

“The difference in my mood and general well-being was like night and day. And I was sleeping better than ever. I couldn’t believe that I never heard of this before, and that this wasn’t the “illegal” drug. In fact, there’s no “high” at all. I decided to go into this as a business, because if CBD helped me, it could help millions of others who would otherwise never hear of it. I did the research, secured a line of products, went through all the legal hurdles, and Nature’s Serenity was born. We sell world class hemp / CBD products, and I couldn’t be prouder, because I truly, truly believe in what I am doing.”

If you’re looking for that elusive something to help with what ails you, CBD just might be what you need. It’s natural, it’s safe, and it’s legal. And we have the best available.

Cynthia Buder | Founder of Nature's Serenity

Nature’s Serenity founder
Cynthia Buder